Harsh Times indeed ! !

By bass4hw
Written November 24, 2006

I would love to give you all a review of this fine film. I would love to, but I can't! Why you may ask? Because I live in New Hampshire & the nearest theatre playing Harsh Times is in... East Providence, RI. Almost 115 mi. away ! ! Why? Why is this a limited release? Many people are saying it is a great flick! Even the critics are saying it is good! So why is it that I need to drive 2 hours to see it ! ? I guess I'll wait 6 months for it to come out on DVD ! !

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An example of a movie where drugs and smoking make artistic sense

By tom3000
Written August 04, 2007
A common theme in my reviews is a strong distaste for movies that show smoking and/or drug use for no artistic purpose. This movie has drugs and smoking out the wazoo, but (a) the movie's subject is of valid interest and (b) it could not realistically be shown without these elements. Although tragic and maybe somewhat over the top, the movie contains a lot of real adventure and drags you forcefully into a reality that hopefully you will only experience in the movies. I loved the Mexico/Mexican girl element. The whole blowing off the job search and instead getting stoned while the beautiful wife goes to work thinking you are dropping off resumes worked to the nth degree. It was fun ripping off the drug dealers and generally screwing up. Still, I can recommend this movie only for those who are certain they don’t want the drug lifestyle.
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Decent Movie

By the truth
Written November 17, 2006

Good story, better then the 1 showing its getting in the theaters.  Would recomend if your not feeling the whole borat saga.......

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By 619boy531
Written January 17, 2009
It was better than i expected. Christian Bale did a great job as the character that he plays. It was another side of him that you've never seen. Freddy Rodriguez also did a good job. Eva Longoria is hot she did a good job also. It was kind of sad what happens in the end. You have to watch it to find out.
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crazy movie

By millagorilla
Written November 19, 2006
this is a must see movie
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