Harry Webster

Worked With

Year Name Title
1992 Michael Madsen Far and Away
1992 Michelle Johnson Far and Away
1992 Colm Meaney Far and Away
1992 Tom Cruise Far and Away
1992 Robert Prosky Far and Away
1992 Nicole Kidman Far and Away
1992 Cyril Cusack Far and Away
1992 Barbara Babcock Far and Away
1992 Brendan Gleeson Far and Away
1992 Clint Howard Far and Away
1992 Jared Harris Far and Away
1991 Amanda Donohoe Paper Mask
1991 Barbara Leigh-Hunt Paper Mask
1991 Tom Wilkinson Paper Mask
1986 Frank Vincent No Surrender
1986 Joanne Whalley No Surrender
1986 Linus Roache No Surrender
1986 David F. Doyle No Surrender
1986 Ian Hart No Surrender
1986 Michael Ripper No Surrender
1980 John Cleese The Taming of the Shrew
1962 Bruce Seton Dead Man's Evidence
1947 Robert Donat Captain Boycott
1947 Ian Fleming Captain Boycott
1947 Stewart Granger Captain Boycott
1947 Liam Redmond Captain Boycott
1947 Eddie Byrne Captain Boycott
1947 Maurice Denham Captain Boycott
1947 Mervyn Johns Captain Boycott
1947 Noel Purcell Captain Boycott
1947 Kathleen Ryan Captain Boycott
1947 Alastair Sim Captain Boycott
1947 Cecil Parker Captain Boycott
1947 Niall MacGinnis Captain Boycott
1947 Edward Lexy Captain Boycott
1946 John Salew I See a Dark Stranger
1946 Liam Redmond I See a Dark Stranger
1946 David Tomlinson I See a Dark Stranger
1946 Torin Thatcher I See a Dark Stranger
1946 Kathleen Harrison I See a Dark Stranger
1946 George Woodbridge I See a Dark Stranger
1946 Deborah Kerr I See a Dark Stranger
1946 Trevor Howard I See a Dark Stranger
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