See it in


By tamney88
Written March 30, 2008
I think it was a gret movie. I am a pretty big harry potter fan and the movie was quite good. I am waiting for harry potter and the half-blood prince and for harry potter and the deathly hollows to come out. This is a must see movie but to intense for ages under 11 i would say
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The worst out of the five

By musicfreak
Written March 08, 2008
Out of the five movies that have been released, this is by far the worst. Not only did they completely butcher the story, they turned the last half of it into Star Wars. The only difference is that they used wands instead of blasters and magic instead of the Force. Maybe that's why everyone liked it, but to me, this isn't Harry Potter anymore, it's something else. No thanks, I'm sticking to the books.
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By D_Archuleta_luver21
Written March 31, 2008
I liked this movie, but I felt it was long and boring at some parts..
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I heart Harry

By nfernstrom2001
Written July 13, 2007
Even though I read the book and knew what was going to happen I was still on the edge of my seat most of the movie!
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This was a tough book to adapt!

By thngwhtsqks
Written May 12, 2008
Of all the HP books, this was the toughest adaptation IMHO because it is so long and so episodic, this one book would actually work as it's own miniseries. Bearing that in mind, I think they took the key elements and made an enjoyable workable movie that holds true to the spirit of the book and beautifully depicts key scenes like the Ministry of Magic battle. Maybe I'm even in love with this movie simply for how much better it is than "Goblet of Fire," which made horrible choices - could it have killed them to spend a little more time bringing us in to the movie by doing an actual Quidditch scene? OotP the movie nicely moves along the greater story-arc and brings us the supremely nasty yet disgustingly cute Dolores Umbridge. Dobby and Winky may be missing, and Barty Crouch Jr. may be a bizarre Dr. Who with a snake-tongue move that drove me nuts, but it's still worth seeing and even owning for fans and newcomers alike.
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