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Good movie, OK 3D

By diytype
Written December 01, 2007
My 12 year old daughter and I have been reading the books ever since the first movie came out. We saw this movie and both enjoyed it. But I don't think the 3D experience really contributed anything. I'd rather have concentrated on the action in the picture at that point.
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harry potter

By thommieboy1814
Written January 25, 2008
great great great there gettin ready for war
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By kjanelle420
Written November 05, 2007
I went to the imax 3-D showing of this harry potter movie, and it was the worst 5 minutes of 3-D ever! Definitely the biggest waste of my money this summer.
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So far the Best !!!!

By LadyLari
Written December 29, 2007
Just remember this one thing. If you see the movie in the IMAX 3D theater. Do not wear your special glasses, until the symbol comes up on the screen. LOL
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Harry Potter 5 a Go

By revol630
Written November 30, 2007
Although the movie was not as closely related to the book as I would have liked to see, it is filled with action packed scenes and quite a few laughs. IMAX 3D makes the last 20 minutes well worth watching!
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