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By _harrypotterlover_
Written December 16, 2007
i love harry malfoys hot
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By lindyloo96
Written July 18, 2009
im a huge fan of the books and i went and the midnight showing of harry potter 6! i loved it! it was funny, creative and kind of cheesy at parts, but still i loved it! the book was still better but all in all i think it was the best hp movie yet! the camera work was excellent and if you havent read the book and you cant compare the movie and the book i think u will fall in love with the humor and plot. this harry potter movie, unlike the some of the others, really flows well so that the viewers can understand whats going on and not get completely confused. i thought that they spent too much time on the first half and they squeezed in the whole ending which is supposed to bring the whole story together.
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By Grizzly Bear
Written July 15, 2009
I'm sure many of you are wondering how you can rate a movie "GO" and title your review "Disappointing". It is simply this; the screen adaption of the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" was so far from the actual book I feel they lost an opportunity to make a great movie. There were scenes in the movie that never happened in the book. Some of them had nothing to do with the story. I ENJOYED THE MOVIE but throughout I kept whispering to my wife "That wasn't in the book"! I think for those of you who haven't READ THE BOOKS THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE but for this Potter fan the movie was disappointing.
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Not quite as good as the book, but still excellent!

By sonicking2004
Written July 20, 2009
I had been looking forward to seeing this movie for a long time, and it was worth the wait. even though some of the scenes I'd been most looking forward to wern't included (Dumbledor at the Dursly's, Bill Weasly & Fleur Delacour, Harry VS Rufus Scrigmore (the new Minister of Magic), Dobby VS Kretcher, the battle within Hogwarts, and Dumbledor's funeral [with Harry and Ginny's "break-up"] ), the flow was fast paced and action packed, and the new and altered scenes kept it flowing smoothly and interesting. Even though it wasn't quite as good as the book (it's rare to see a book-to-movie translation that is), It's still an excellent movie that is well worth the cost of admission.
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Awesome movie!

By elephantandahalf
Written July 15, 2009
This was probably the best made of the Harry Potter movies. Now, there are a ton of people saying things like "there's not enough action' and "there wasnt much fighting" but there's a reason for that. If you have read the books, there isn't a ton of action in the 6th book either. The purpose of the 6th book/movie is simply to set up for the next 2 movies. You have to have this movie with Dumbledore explaining the horcruxes and then Snape killing him later. If you didn't have this movie with its "lack of action" then you couldn't have a 7th book or movie! Overall I think it had great acting and directing. I loved how at the end when Snape killed Dumbledore you could see on Snape's face that he wasn't happy about what he had just done. He knew what he had to do but you could tell that he felt some remorse about what he had just done.
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