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HP6. Surprisingly...Surprises!

By imovie_fanatic93
Written July 11, 2009
i went to the London premier of this film...i had heard it was superb not being a HP fan..expected it to be an overblown fan cry for it to be good. i was wrong...dead wrong. this is so good..that it puts Prisioner of Askaban (my favorite HP movie) to shame. The story is slowly explained.Not like other movies that everything happens so miss it leaving you with a big HUH?!? Great acting from Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Rickman. Also on many suporting cast memebers like Helen Boham Carter. 4.5/5 A message to regular moviegoers and HP fans will be beging for the last two!
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goin to be awsome

By freckles11
Written June 19, 2009
hell yeah im goin to see that movie me and my bro hav seen every movie together this on is goin to be awesome
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By EbonyPirate
Written June 19, 2009
So excited! We've got a Harry Potter party going and then we're all gonna take up massive rows at the theater!
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Really well done

By RandytheMovieFan
Written July 14, 2009
If you're a fan of the books than you're going to see this movie regardless of a review, and if you're not a fan than you won't start at this point. I'm in the middle, having read the books but not committed them to heart, and have enjoyed but not exactly been thrilled by the movies except Prisoner of Azkaban. But this movie was great, complex and well acted with impeccable effects. It was sad, scary, funny and touching in all the right proportions. I'm sure some purists will whine because certain characters or scenes were changed or left out from the book, but if you just wanted to read the book again, go to the library. For me the 2.5 hours flew by and I'm already eagerly looking forward to the next installment of the movie series.
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Harry potter rocks My sox off!

By Ohbear64
Written June 26, 2009
Harry potter 6 is going to be awesome cuz the snape and darkness. IZ GOING TO BE SUPER AWESOMNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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