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HARRY POTTER 6 - casted a spell with plenty of magic. Rating: 83 out of 100. (Based on a actual advance press preview)

Written July 14, 2009
This Monday evening I attended the advance VIP press preview of this 153 minute somber and darker movie of the Harry Potter franchise. I have read the entire Harry Potter series of novels - and there were quite a number of disturbing changes/contractions/deletions/truncations of the novel as adapted into the movie by director David Yates - sacrificing accuracy. The ending was anti-climactic and was nothing like the novel. Nevertheless, there were plenty of special effects to hold one SPELLBOUND the entire time. But CGI does not a movie make... and be warned that the plot/story has matured and the added gravity feels heavy. The entire cast performed superbly - how they have all grown-up! Spoiler Alert! Fenrir and Bellatrix surrounded the Weasleys' home with a ring of fire - and destroyed the house. Ralph Fiennes IS NOT in this movie - there was only the younger Tom Riddle. VERDICT: Good movie but not the best. Definitely not a kids movie. GRADE: B
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*This movie is going to blow*

By slim77
Written October 11, 2008
This movie is going to suck for many reasons. 1. David "I'm an idiot" Director Yates who has probably never read a Harry Potter book in his life is directing this movie. 2. David "I'm an idiot" Yates is removing two VERY CRUCIAL scenes from this movie which have already been confirmed by his idiot producer. The two scenes are: 1. The scene of the battle of Hogwarts. 2. The funeral for a major character at the end of the movie. If Director Yates removes these two scenes, he removes a major portion of the movie along with it. These two scenes are essential for moving the story along into the next chapter. I sincerely hope that, wherever you are Yates, you reconsider, and put these two scenes back in. These scenes show action, drama, and emotion. After that atrocity called the "Order of the Phoenix" which you directed, and which there was almost no emotion throughout the entire movie, I hope you step up, and actually TRY to make a good movie, or you STEP OUT and let someone else handle it
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absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

By Frankenstein's Monster
Written July 17, 2009
to begin with, it is absurd to think and believe that a 652 page book, (and yes i double checked that number), can be made into a word by word movie of only 2 hours and 33 minutes! with that being said, people have to see this as a movie, not as a book of the series! it's only being BASED on the sixth book of the series, not a word by word recap made into film. by itself, this movie was fantastic. with the time limit it had, it brought the crucial points of the story, such as new feelings the characters are first experiencing, (love), and the history of Lord Voldemort. though, as many, i was surprised that a few scenes were left out. i won't say which, you have to see the movie to find out! it still gave and showed the critical information. i can't express how gratifying it is to see the characters of the pages come alive in the big screen, and it was well worth waiting in line for at the midnight showing. you have to see this movie to experience it! it won't disappoint!
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Dont expect it to be like the book

By ayala20
Written August 09, 2009
the movie as a whole was great but if your a fan of the books you'll probably be left wanting more.
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Unexpected but Great

By badazbidness
Written July 16, 2009
David Yates never fails to suprise me. I expected the movie to be more like the book but that was not the case. Yates took the movie to a whole different level. Not only did he change some details from the book, he actually created his own scenes that were never in the book. What suprises me the most about this movie is he made great changes but never lost the storyline. The movie was not fast paced like some of the other films. Yates took time to cover Harry's and his friends Hogwarts life like never before. I encourage book fans to see this great movie and to keep an open mind and remember that the movies can not and will never be exactly lilke the books. Yates did a wonderful job of suprising all the book fans in not giving us what we would expect. He has put a twist on Harry Potter that is well worth seeing.
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