HARRY POTTER 6 - casted a spell with plenty of magic. Rating: 83 out of 100. (Based on a actual advance press preview)

Written August 02, 2009
Recently, I attended the advance VIP press preview of this 153 minute somber and darker movie of the Harry Potter franchise. IMAX-3D was only the first 15 mins. (not worth the extra $) I've read the entire Harry Potter series of novels - and there were quite a number of disturbing changes/contractions/deletions/truncations of the novel as adapted into the movie by director David Yates - sacrificing accuracy. The ending was anti-climactic and was nothing like the novel. Nevertheless, there were plenty of special effects to hold one SPELLBOUND the entire time. But CGI does not a movie make... and be warned that the plot/story has matured and the added gravity feels heavy. Spoiler Alert! Fenrir and Bellatrix surrounded the Weasleys' home with a ring of fire - and destroyed the house.(this was NOT in the book!!!) Ralph Fiennes IS NOT in this movie - there was only the younger Tom Riddle. VERDICT: Good movie but not the best. Definitely not a kids movie. GRADE: B
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few more days - can't wait!

By Frankenstein's Monster
Written June 17, 2009
To start off, no this movie is not coming out in 2010! It's coming out in July 15 or July 29. If you've been living under a rock in a cave, in a very distant isolated island, Harry Potter was pushed further from last summer to this summer. It all has to do with the writer's strike. Since summer is the best time for new movie releases, Transformers 2 had already been scheduled to come out this summer and take all the box office money. What happens next? It means that Harry Potter 6 has to wait weeks until the Transformer's hysteria, (what hysteria I ask really?), dies down a bit, and then it can be released. Don't worry, breathe... this is only for IMAX! Harry Potter 6 in other movie theater's, and in some already are selling tickets for it, will be released July 15. Some cities might have the luck of IMAX coming out on July 15, but from what I've been reading, it's only some very lucky cities. Nevertheless, see this movie more than once or twice! It's very, very well worth it!
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Faux Imax at AMC Century City

By madeye99
Written June 22, 2009
LOVE HBP! Beware.......I was told that the Imax at AMC Century City 15 is NOT a TRUE IMAX. It is just Digital & they are charging full Imax prices. Customer Service told me that their screen is HALF the size of Universal City walk. Half the size.! Check out this info on google to confirm. Don't waste your money on a fake.
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HP6 releases July 15th!

By racinmom
Written May 23, 2009
This is going to be the BEST HP movie ever! The book was amazing! and the movies do the book justice! [BLOCKED WEBSITE] is the official website of HP6 and tells you the new release date and you can see the new trailer! Absolutely spectacular and Im a 33 year old mom!
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By HPFreak13
Written April 29, 2009
CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!
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