By dcvolcom909
Written November 29, 2010
Best book to film adaptation yet, a little slow and may be confusing to non-book reading movie goers but very necessary if you are going to see part two next year. Part two is going to be two and a half hours of action with am epilogue at the end and should be the film of the year. Overall, if your a fan you will love it and if not you will still enjoy yourself.
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Five Word Review

By isanalovemovies
Written December 15, 2010
Better then the first movies
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Five Word Review

By Master T
Written November 11, 2010
book insane!!!i cant wait to--see
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Don't expect a happy ending

By Oklamathman
Written November 22, 2010
I have seen the last three Potter films in IMAX. The best so far was the Order of the Phoenix with its 3D action towards the end. The current release does not have any 3D and not know where they would break off for part two kept me in the film till the end. Several of the tid bits in the trailer and online videos I have seen are from the second part. But now I can't wait until July for part II which will be the better of the two part I am sure. While the sound and imagery of IMAX made this film very enjoyable. I might suggest to save your $$$ for the second part, which I hope has some 3D in it.
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Beautiful set up for the (hopefully) great Finale, but OH, for consistency!

By Eschetic
Written November 20, 2010
OK, I'm totally unimpressed with "The IMAX Experience." As nearly as I can determine the ONLY difference is that the screen is slightly larger and the volume pain inducingly louder. That said, the first half of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - Part 1 is beautifully crafted and (wonder of wonders!) in it's variations from the J.K. Rollings text actually improves rather than diminishes the story (especially in the handling of Hedwig in the opening). Long about the appearance of Kretur (Creature?) in the middle of the film however, the film makers got seriously lazy and fell back on the worst of the faults of the recent films in cutting IMPORTANT points of motivation which would have taken NO additional time and significantly enhanced the story (like the key to Kretur's change of attitude which *should* pay off in a major emotional point in Part 2) because they either don't care about or KNOW the arc of the story they're telling. The cast and cinematography are peerless, but...
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