By diaroca
Written November 23, 2010
Nice special effects, terrific sound at the IMAX theater:)
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By mo86
Written November 24, 2010
OH, how I wish they made all five movies more like this one! Might be a little boring to people who have not read the book.... For HP readers and fans, YOU WILL <3 IT! Acting was great. They cut the movie in half perfectly. I cannot wait for HP part 2. Do not bring kids plz. Lots of blood and deaths.
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Great setup for HP7 part 2!

By twinoflayla
Written November 24, 2010
Exciting! Never a dull moment, and a great setup for the second part! Very well made, excellent script, and the effects were amazing. Much darker than the others, and growing darker as we come to the finale, this movie still has a healthy amount of laughs, without being too cheesy. I am a huge fan of the books, but I'm not super "books over movie". I think these movies are a lot more enjoyable if you've read the books. However, the movies by themselves, are still excellent. I can't wait for part two to come out in July! Will definitely go see this one again!
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If you loved the book, you'll love the movie.

By chellearia
Written December 05, 2010
Grabbing you emotionally from the onset with a well-adapted script, HPDH Part 1 remains as true the book as possible, providing a moving experience for followers of the book series while providing a very enjoyable though slightly confusing experience for those who haven't read the book. Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe give the best performances of their careers, and we see the return of and are introduced to other characters portrayed by some of the best actors in the industry. The music is appropriate and unobtrusive. The landscape cinematography is beautiful and devastating as the story demands; the closeup cinematography is poignant although the shakiness of certain steadycam shots proves more annoying than effective. And the CGI is fascinating although in some scenes the camera remains off action when the viewer would rather see what is happening. Overall, an emotion-driven with plenty of action that anyone who as read the book or seen the earlier movies must see.
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What a dissappointment!!!!

By thetaheal
Written December 03, 2010
This movie was sooooo slow, and comprised mainly of elements that had nothing to do with the book, the first hour was made up of nonsense. They corrupted the book to drag out the experience over 2 movies. I was the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan - and am so angry and disappointed - I feel like I was robbed - also at $19 for an Imax ticket - when the film was not Imax worthy. Another example of $ greed meeting opportunity.
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