Must see it!!!!

By kmoi
Written November 26, 2010
I absolutely loved the movie. It's a must see. Great experience in Imax. This is a movie for everyone, kids, adults and seniors. The acting is great, A+ actors and director.
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Harry 7, A Grand Adventure

By rstacy
Written December 06, 2010
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was great. It was wonderful to see Harry, Ron, Hermione escaping the dark forces of Voldemort. And also see how Harry has grown, matured since the 1st Harry Potter movie.
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Five Word Review

By crystal8422
Written December 22, 2010
The best HP movie yet
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First Potter Movie That Lives Up To The Books Since Order of the Phoenix.

By JoGalloway
Written November 19, 2010
I know many people are talking about how the film seems to drag in certain areas but don't be fooled. It' doesn't drag, it just finally shows you the real situation Harry and his friends are in. You see for years the Harry Potter films have been a full fledge fluff fest when in the books there is war going on! The interaction and conversations are real and many of them taken from the book. You learn who these characters are and what they are feeling for the first time! In Deathly Hallows Ron Weasley is finally able to be Ron Weasely! He's not a goof. He's moody, sarcastic, loyal and fierce. This film is canon all of the way! Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have amazing chemistry and pull off believable performances. It took the end of the franchise for them to get it right.
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Five Word Review

By tyler_copple
Written November 17, 2010
Holy crap have to see
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