Crazy Amazing

By megal127
Written November 20, 2010
This movie is just crazy amazing. For people like me, who read the books, this film brings in many elements/details that have been left out in previous Potter films, and for people who have not read the books like my husband, it offers a wonderful, darker Harry Potter experience. It leaves you wanting a great way. I mean after all, it is just Part 1. It's jam-packed with emotion and action, and I can see almost everyone enjoying this film, young and old alike. The actors were grown-up and fantastic, and Bellatrix is crazier than ever. I already have plans to see it a second time, and I may need to see it a third before it leaves theaters!
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harry Potter

By Madjake
Written December 16, 2010
Fantastic in I-MAX. Great action scenes and cinematography
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Must see it!!!!

By kmoi
Written November 26, 2010
I absolutely loved the movie. It's a must see. Great experience in Imax. This is a movie for everyone, kids, adults and seniors. The acting is great, A+ actors and director.
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Hallows or Horcruxes: Where is the Choice?

By louisekraz
Written November 19, 2010
This last movie is supposed to be about the biggest choice Harry has ever had to face: does he go for the Deathly Hallows and gain a weapon to defeat the Dark Lord, or does he continue to seek the Horcruxes so that he can defeat Voldemort the way Dumbledore insisted. This movie ignores this crucial dilemma and instead focuses on meaningless and inconsequential action and scenes. There is no sense here that Harry is beginning to doubt that Albus Dumbledore, whom he previously admired and believed, now seems to someone who deceived him into sacrificing himself. There is absolutely no sense that Voldemort knows someone is destroying his Horcruxes. Without these crucial points, there is no choice for Harry to make in the end that demonstrates he is, indeed, the chosen one. Dumbledore once said, "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." This message, sadly, won't be played out in the end to the movie story of Harry Potter.
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Five Word Review

By JPfever
Written November 13, 2010
The Beginning end has arrived
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