Such a wonderful film!

By ladyangst
Written December 20, 2010
Such a wonderful film!
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Five Word Review

By rdmele
Written November 26, 2010
Absolutely Fantastic Maximized By IMAX
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They Sucked The Magic, Fun, And Interest From This Film

By StealTheNight
Written November 23, 2010
This film was a drag. The actors have proven they cannot carry the weight of a film on their own, absolutely. The magic was sapped from this film compared to previous films. It dragged, it was poorly paced, it was almost impossible to follow for someone who hasn't reda the books (but seen the movies) because the editing and pacing were a clunky mess. The director got performances with the emotional weight only a middle schooler could find appealing. There was nothing identifiable with these characters in this film, thus it dragging. The whole thing dragged, the audience was so desperate to have fun in this boring mess of a film they laughed at things that weren't actually funny, just to try and force enjoyment of what was a huge misfire. David Yates should be fired if the next film is anything like this, hire someone else to fix this, a new director, a new editor. This is unacceptable
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The best yet

Written November 23, 2010
In my opinion, this was the best yet... It kept your attention throughout the move and made you not want to go to the bathroom in fear of missing something- its funny how I noticed some lord of the rings style parts here... but again, go see it - its worth the time and money...
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The first one Yates didn't mess up *SPOILER ALERT*

By Angelina330
Written November 20, 2010
*SPOILER ALERT* I am really happy with this movie. I am a huge fan of the books, but have been utterly disappointed with the last two movies. Five and Six left out so much from the book and added in so much new stuff of Yates that I hardly felt like they did the novels justice. This one did. It was brilliant. The actors really did a supurb job. The dance scene, that of course Yates added in, was the only bad part. People who have not read the books come away thinking Harry likes Hermione as more than a sister which is absurd. They also failed to explain the shard of mirror for those who hadn't read the books as well as leaving out the diadem scene in Lovegood's house. They didn't address Hedwig's death after we saw it which angered me but Dobby's death was tearjerking. I'm happy about the split becuase there is no way to get all that information into one movie and I think for the screen time they had that they did a good job! I'd reccomend seeing this movie even with its flaws!!
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