Five Word Review

By mistschen
Written November 22, 2010
The worst harry potter movie
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spoiler free review of part 1.

By suirauqa
Written November 22, 2010
There are two ways of appreciating this movie, (a) the way of one who has read (and re-read) all the books, and (b) the way of one who has watched all the movies in the series, but not read the books. Both approaches work for HP7 part 1. It stands very well on its own, although it deviates at places from the book - but does a good job of condensing the narrative in book 7. The movie is well directed, keeps the suspense and builds up the tension for the forthcoming part Deux. As one who has gone both ways - read the books and watched the movies - I can't wait for the second part due in June.
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By auspartan24
Written November 22, 2010
For true Harry Potter fans, such as myself, this movei was a must see! The story was right on point, the acting was outstanding and the movie flowed perfectly. My girlfriend has not read any of the books so it was a little more difficult for her to follow even having seen the prior movies. But overall, she really enjoyed it as did I and we cannot wait for the final installment in July 2011!
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Best Potter film since Azkaban

By solnichka
Written November 26, 2010
With the screenplays butchering the texts in films four, five and six, it was nice to see a semi-decent return to the spirit of the book this is based on. The worst parts of this film mirror the slowest parts of the book; the best parts of this film bring to life the rich imagination of the story. Very much looking forward to the final film now, and I couldn't have said that a few weeks ago.
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By foreignspell
Written November 27, 2010
they did an amazing job at placing you right in the middle of the magical world of harry potter. solid acting and effects. the only downside is that we are all one step closer to the final movie
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