See it in

By alanduke
Written September 23, 2011
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2: 3D review

By fashgal
Written July 15, 2011
I can't wait to see the movie!!!! AHHHH!! I'm SO excited. This is going to be the best movie of the year!
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A Fitting End

By fngw417
Written July 16, 2011
This final installment was fantastic. The trio was as enthralling as ever. The story held quite true to the book and those parts that needed a little tweaking, enhanced the story quite well. The strongest performance in this was by Allan Rickman. He was incredible. Scenes from the book that moved me, also moved me emotionally in the movie and as I said did not disappoint. Will definitely see this again both in the theater and will be a welcome addition to the DVD collection. A fitting end to a wonderful series of movies.
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great ending

By blkcomet
Written August 01, 2011
thought the movie could have been more but it was a great ending for the series.
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By jdlll
Written July 15, 2011
just came home from watching the midnight screening. it was absolutely amazing. from the very get go i was already beginning to feel a wave of emotions flowing through me, all before the warner bros logo even appeared! the story telling is superb, the action is heart poundingly intense, and there are tons of surprises throughout the movie that had me dropping my jaw (ive never read the books, you see, so anything that happens in the movie is all new to me). Overall this movie was amazing and is a beautiful piece to ultimately end the franchise with. Did i mention its emotional? (bring a box of tissues, trust me! my sleeve was soaked...)
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