See it in


By hpfan132
Written April 30, 2008
i can't to go see the movie even though i do agree wit alot of people that the fifth movie did suck alot but the book was such a great read i hope the movie is the same thing!!!!
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Excellent! Best movie because...

By htrtma
Written December 15, 2007
it is going to be intense, much more action and magic, more of hermione and ron , more adventures, its the last harry potter sadly :( we get to see what happens at the final battle between voldemort and harry potter ( opps i said voldys name... O NO i see death eaters now!) and do not read the rest if you havent read harry potter 7.... may cry becuz some of our favorite characters are going to die . :( i hope every one sees it
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Five Word Review

By Amella21
Written November 20, 2010
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Jumped right off the pages for me.....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written November 24, 2010
...thanks to Yates's vision for Harry,Ron and Hermione. This was really their movie,depicting how far they'd come in life,love,friendship and the realization of Harry's quest and duty. We all wish there could have been more about everything,I know,but for the time frame,I believe they got enough in to competently continue the saga,yet,as stated,concentrate on the trio and their journey. No criticisms. Loved the levity with the dance. Will see a couple more times and and excited,yet sad to see what happens in July.
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Is everyone insane?? This movie is AWFUL!!!!

By redclover22
Written November 20, 2010
Open your eyes people... you are being bamboozed by Hollywood movie tycoons looking to score a few extra bucks on their 2-part Harry Potter movie. The sad thing is, it actually works, and everyone is suckered in happily spending $10 a pop for nothing. This movie was utterly dissappointing, to say the least. I would rather have scooped kitty litter for the 3 long BORING hours!!! My boyfriend and I both thought it was a complete joke, and were so mad when we left. The first 1/5 of the movie actually seems to have some thought put into it as if something is going to happen, and then nothing actually HAPPENS. The remaining 4/5 is like watching Harry, Hermione, and Ron on an excruciatingly boring angry flop of a camping trip. Really?!??! I will NOT be spending my money, no scratch that, my TIME on the next half of this god awful rediculous movie. I miss the first few Harry Potter movies =(
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