Harry Brown

By ArmoBuyerF
Written May 10, 2010
Michael Caine just gets better and better if that's possible after so many great portrayals. The quality of his taut performance, in contrast to the chaos and sometimes disturbing visuals, is reason enough to see this film. Some of the supporting cast pales by comparison. In my opinion, strictly for adults!
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Glad I live in a safe city!

By terichow
Written May 10, 2010
As other reviews had prepared me, I was ready for most of the violence. I thought Michael Caine was fabulous. I also thought the actress playing the female investigator did a great job as well. However, driving home from the theater, I was definitely counting my blessing to live in such a safe place.
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Five Word Review

By ottoheckle
Written July 07, 2010
Good but disturbing and morose
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Worth Seeing.

By johnpev
Written May 09, 2010
Good cast with a good revenge story make for an enjoyable viewing. Michael Caine has still got it as he goes into a character trying to change a slice of his London Projects building into a place worth living. Is pretty violent and harsh in its realism but I would say don't miss it.
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Harry Brown

By marydi
Written May 03, 2010
Rating 3 stars I enjoyed the movie Harry Brown and thought it was produced beautifully. The acting was also magnificent. The only thing that I did not appreciate was the graphic scenes of hyperdermic needles and drug abuse. It seems to glorify a horrible existance.
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