Hardflip Synopsis
Caleb has only one hope left -- to find the father (John Schneider) he never knew.
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Pastor Isaac

By isaac858
This is a great movie for the entire family to see. Great acting and very powerful story of forgiveness. There is a scene that is sure to make you cry. I highly recommend it....


By leoelegado
This is a great movie about forgiveness and what can become if people aren't willing to forgive. The film displayed a genuine feel of life's hardships and didn't simplify that forgiving someone was...

Great movie

By Mikey72
What an amazing film! Very well written and acted. Rosanna Arquette's best film in years. It's a heavy subject about a single mother and her son who is forced to seek out his father after she falls...

Great Family Film

By ashley134
Awesome skating, good story, great music!...

Brilliant, Edgy and Fun

By iscream-movies
Go see Hardflip now - GREAT Job to alll involved!!!!!!!!!...

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By thelineman
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Rated PG-13 | For Mature thematic material, and teen drug and alcohol conten