Hardcore Henry Synopsis
A half-human, half-robotic hybrid embarks on a bloody rampage through Moscow to save his kidnapped wife (Haley Bennett) from a madman (Danila Kozlovsky) and his army of thugs.
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hardcore hard on

By greggouw
A most entertaining and intellectually stimulating bit of cinema. Not for the lesser intelligent among us though. One must be of an open mind and have a thirst for the ultra-violent. I found the...

A Miracle

By withcranes
I actually saw a crippled man rise from his wheelchair and walk out of the theater....


By jmichaelmichel
As an aspiring filmmaker the fact that an entirely first person film can be green lit is very encouraging. I didn't love everything in the film, but I really respect the creators for trying something...


By sebastianzaukar
One of the best action movies I've seen in awhile. Was just what I was expecting from it...


By SteveGoldman870
This was tough to endure for the entire movie. People were leaving but I thought I'd see it to it's end thinking that maybe it'll come through. Sadly it did not. Save yourself. Don't go...


By tajwhite1124
Very well done which I wasn't expecting...

Unique & Fun Adrenaline Rush

By the556tracer531
The action was intense and the story fulfilling. The uniqueness of first person action was way better than I had imagined. The Blair Witch Project style of filming is obsolete in this go pro age of...

Fast paced

By Joey5670
This movie kicks the door in and then doesn't stop running from beginning to end I did enjoy the movie but I found myself having a headache almost towards the end because of how much is being thrown...

By ghilyard1
Terrible movie. Uncomfortable to watch. Walked out of theater after about an hour with pounding headache....

don't go

By ccwits
omg this is the worst movie we have ever seen . A Russian total bomb filmed in Russia . If u have an IQ under 50 and a mental age under 10 you will luv this movie.the whole thing must have been...

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Rated R | For Non-stop bloody brutal violence and mayhem, language throughout, sexual content/nudity and drug use.
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Extremely violent movie filmed like a first-person shooter.
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