Hardcore Henry: The Ultimate Fan Experience Synopsis
Fathom Events and STX Entertainment bring an advance screening of Hardcore Henry and an exclusive Q&A with the director to select cinemas nationwide for a special one-night event with Hardcore Henry: The Ultimate Fan Experience.

Movie Reviews

By Mr Bare Bear
After 40 years of movie watching it takes a lot to evoke a reaction out of me. What makes Hardcore Henry work for me is that it's not afraid to get weird. To dissect this movie in any way would be...

FPS movie

By gordon808
It was just an fps game made into a movie. It had an ok story line but the fps camera made it wobbly the whole time....


By tracee53
Such a different movie experience, and an amazing one at that....

Adrenaline Rush!

By jayrallyson
This is the ultimate adrenaline rush. I didn't really feel like I was Henry, but I enjoyed seeing Henry's world through his eyes. There are a lot of cringing moments as well as funny moments. It's a...

Hardcore Henry = Balls Out

By ericvannatta
The movie itself was artistically relevant to the technical climate of our current times. Although, some of the camera work during the action scenes were a little jarring. One of my movie cohorts...

Like living out a videogame

By michaelschepis33
This movie was awesome! Light on story but full on real stunts and pretty funny comedy. Really fun time. The Fan experience came with a sweet prequel comic! Great time!...

"Ultimate" is a Stretch

By mackenziedraper216
The movie was bad@$$!!!!! As far as the "Ultimate Fan Experience" part-- I would advise to just see the movie. Nothing was worth the extra money for the "Ultimate Fan Experience." Would have been...


By crazychess
Kicks all kinds of @ss! Must see!!...

Hardcore Henry

By Djsk0069
This movie was so freaking awesome will see it again in theaters now I hope they re release it in 3d that would be crazy...

Hardcore Henry

By suzieq1997
Hardcore Henry was an amazing film! I enjoyed the whole film, funny and exactly what I was expecting it to be! I would not recommend parents taking their kids to watch this. Most definitely a movie...

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