By ShayneTheMovieGuy
Written August 30, 2008
Yes I saw this with my friend, but fell asleep. It was ok then, but at the time I really didn;t pay much attention. But after reading more about it I truly relized how great it was. So I bought, and really liked it. It had my holding my balls for 10 minutes. My only real critisim is that it sort of drags on a bit, but it still is great. But you might not like it if you want a simple "girl is kid napped" movie, because this movie lets you decide who the real monster is at the end.
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Great movie...

By somethingclever
Written August 14, 2007
Note. It's not a horror movie. At all. It's a very good psychological thriller that keeps the audience in suspense for the duration of the film. The young girl does a GREAT job acting in this movie. I'm sure there will be more to see from her in the future. This movie is definitely rated appropriately, I'll leave it at that. People that like to be surprised and held in suspense should definitely see it. Those that would prefer a simple plot with a predictable ending should steer away.
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Written September 17, 2013
Awesome :)
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Five Word Review

By Drez_Digital
Written January 13, 2010
Disturbing Yet Brilliant Complex Thriller
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Hard Candy

By Casey_Shadow
Written July 09, 2015
Where do I even start, this was so bad. I rented it last night thinking it was a horror movie. It would have been good, if the man had taken one of the big knives in the kitchen and cut her head off. The plot is so ridiculous, it wasn't even watchable. One of those things where you keep waiting for it to get good. Doesn't happen. On a scale of 1-10, it's a -50
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