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Cute, Funny, Great Message!

By yvonnefrasca
Written August 09, 2015
I saw this with my 10 year old. We both loved the movie. The characters are adorably cute and funny and you can't help but like the characters. The little aliens have a unique way of talking and you just might find yourself using some of their cute phrases. The movie sends a positive message about hope and never giving up, also about family, friendship and loyalty. It is a must see!
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By jjssdd
Written September 04, 2015
So sweet! We had a 3 generation family movie night and all 3 generations enjoyed themselves. Ages 6 to 70 and all were happy through the whole movie. Great themes, important lessons, fabulous music, amazing animation, very little scary/sad scenes and enough innuendo humor to keep the grown ups intrigued.
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Good Message

By Movie_Goer_21
Written August 02, 2015
I saw the movie with my 9 year old girl. We both enjoyed it. It is fun, witty and it definitely sends a good message. Lots of funny parts and Rihanna songs ;) Must see.
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Great for all ages

By chrissyzellie
Written June 14, 2015
Home was such a cute movie! Very small children friendly! My kids are already begging to go see it again!
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By jannaujokas
Written August 22, 2015
great movie for families
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