Breathtaking Look at Man and His Dog Surviving in Siberia

By pedsarq
Written October 28, 2014
Deep in the heart of Siberia, reachable only by helicopter and boat for 3 mos. of the year, live 300+ villagers who survive by hunting sable and squirrels with their dogs and making the most of what nature has to offer them. This documentary provides an inspirational look at humans who possess the skills to survive unbelievably harsh weather conditions. All told, it's paradise, free of politics, taxes, and ill-will. The story is Waldenesque for sure, and one that clearly shows that survival can only be achieved by full-time hard work to prepare for the cruel winter and its sub-negative-50-degree weather periods. There's really not a dull moment in this movie. Werner Herzog is a master at painting pictures like this one and "Happy People" is another one of his masterpieces. See it.
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By kroach77
Written February 23, 2013
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