Happy-Go-Lucky Synopsis
A British schoolteacher (Sally Hawkins) fills her life with enthusiasm and compassion.
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"HAPPY-GO-LUCKY” – Is it Cheerfulness or OBLIVIOUSNESS?! =

By jimchudnow
[Per an advance preview:] This Mike Leigh film has English actress SALLY HAWKINS starring as Poppy, a schoolteacher who's so super-cheerful about life, you might wonder if her near-continual...


By jake1221
Wonderful acting, especially by Sally Hawkins. On one level it is a story about a quirky, happy-go-lucky woman who seems to be laughing through life. But on another level you see her taking the...

A resounding OVATION at the end of this movie's advance press screening...

...overwhelmingly summed up the high-caliber of film-making, thematic exploration/analysis, and first-rate performances by talented thespians in Happy-Go-Lucky/HGL - a charming profound British comedy...

Happiness really is a state of mind

By RandytheMovieFan
This was a delightful movie if you're looking for a chick flick or a date movie. The 2 hours went by pretty quickly. No explosions, no terrorist plots, just a slice of life movie. It revolves...

happy go lucky

By kydylian
Don't waste your time. I am English and get the humour but the best part was the last 10 min. What a snooze....

similar to mike leigh's naked

By oc5awcupant
using an annoyingly optimistic lead instead of a dire one the underlying results are the same a person with an egocentric view of the world tries to make others bow to their will...


By Newbold
Bummer!! This was not AT ALL the light and cheery movie I had hoped to see based on movie reviews. I wanted to escape from the worries of the economy and the election, and just have a fun and...

worst film in a long time

By anotheropinion
This has to be the most boring and unimaginative excuse for a movie I've seen in a long time. Sally Hawkins' character was unrealistic and one sided with an obnoxious laugh. As for looking at the...

Okay, but....

By DistanceRunner
The main character, who is likable in a quirky sort of way, spends her time going to pubs and trying to heal other people's emotional wounds. Sounds nice enough, right? It is, if you aren't put off...


By Charles Berky
Boring and if you have trouble with understanding English accents, it is even more so. Forget it!...

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Rated R | For language
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Common Sense Media says Thoughtful comedy's charm outweighs mild iffiness.
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