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Happy Feet Two

By bb209
Written November 27, 2011
This was just ok. Not nearly as good as the first. Dancing and singing scenes were still good but other than that it was kind of slow and boring. Most interesting scenes seemed to be with the krill. Some should note this movie promotes same-sex relationships/lifestyles so if you're not ready to expose your children to this you might find it a tad bit annoying (although it may go over most children's heads). My 9-year-old girl was also not impressed with it and she LOVED the first one.
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Happy Feet Two was delightful.

By cpattison
Written December 07, 2011
My daughters and I went to see Happy Feet Two in 3D and it was just as delightful as the first movie. The singing was excellent, the story line good and the new characters, the children of the Mumble and his friends in the first movie were adorable.
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Great Family Movie

By SweetRellz
Written November 22, 2011
My family of 4 enjoyed the movie a lot. We are fans of the first Happy Feet so if you enjoyed that one this one you'll live just the same.
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Happy Happy Feet~~

Written November 21, 2011
I loved Happy Feet One and was excited to see Happy Feet Two!! If you like animation and liked part One~ you can't miss out on part two :)
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Glad I caught this one!

By cookiebaby86
Written November 22, 2011
It was awesome. I suppose I didnt pay much attention to the first Happy feet, because I didnt know they were having a son :/. He was so cute, I really wanted him to fly :(. He danced a little, but when he sang that song I cried. I wouldnt call this a tear jerker, cus small things make me cry. I loved the movie.
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