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Happy Feet Two

By akshipps
Written November 21, 2011
This was a great movie to share with my, nine year old grand-daughter. The music was varied and relevent to her age and tast as well as being visually appealing for me and my wife as well. The plot was also strong on the male bonding and family unit theme. It is a refreshing atempt at reinforcing the meaning of community and inclusion as well.
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Great movie to see with the Family!!!

By Mystique05
Written November 22, 2011
Went with my 4 year old, we both enjoyed it!!! Great 3d!!! I personally think this movie is better than the first one!!! I definitely recommend anyone of all ages to see!!!
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By bigprettysmile
Written November 26, 2011
I knew in the first five minutes of the movie that I was going to buy this movie as soon as it came out... my face hurt from smiling sooo much! definately for every one!
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By mshribik
Written November 21, 2011
My 7 year old grandsons and I enjoyed the movie very much. it was a little longer than I am used to for a children"s movie
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Happy Feet Two

By bb209
Written November 27, 2011
This was just ok. Not nearly as good as the first. Dancing and singing scenes were still good but other than that it was kind of slow and boring. Most interesting scenes seemed to be with the krill. Some should note this movie promotes same-sex relationships/lifestyles so if you're not ready to expose your children to this you might find it a tad bit annoying (although it may go over most children's heads). My 9-year-old girl was also not impressed with it and she LOVED the first one.
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