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Political Messages in Kids Movies are Getting OLD

By superwife1230
Written November 24, 2011
Can we just see a kids movie that isn't laden with political messages?! I couldn't get into the movie because of the straight jabs they were taking at certain topics. WORSE than Cars 2.
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Very Good Movie; even for adults!

By Aunt_tt
Written November 22, 2011
We took our two nephews to see this movie but we were sure that we would not enjoy it since it is a childrens movie. We were pleasantly surprised that we did enjoy it. The story was good and the 3D was amazing!
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Not as good as number 1

By p3_sa
Written November 26, 2011
this was too long and not as engaging as the first. The emphasis on the shrinking habitat of the penguins was totally lost on my 8 and 6 year olds even when I tried to explain. My 8 year old sat through it, but my son wanted to leave before the end.
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Happy Feed Two

By rsjones11
Written November 21, 2011
Movie was very cute and entertaining as a adult and my 5 year old was very intrigued. Great affects. Pink did a great job with the singing and the entire cast was wonderful
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Not so different

By roithner
Written November 26, 2011
Altough a nice movie, it was too close to the original. I think we should have waited for it to come out on DVD. Not worth the money, in my opinion.
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