MY feet were HAPPY!!

By 304Gadgetman
Written December 12, 2006
Great movie!! My son and I loved it!! Mumbo had true spirit and believed in himself. Loved it.
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Not bad for a kid with three-toed feet!

By crankyoldguy
Written November 24, 2007
Lots of fun and laughs for creatures - winged and wingless - of all ages! Very similar to a great musical show, "Percy Penguin Comes to America," that played at Penguin Repertory Company in Stony Point, New York, in 2002, I think.
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really fun

By cyndi
Written December 13, 2006
We really enjoyed this movie....I want to check out the sound track too.
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Go for the music

By mom'stravelingcircus
Written December 03, 2006
The plot is definately predictable - little penguin is different from all the others, father tries to pretend nothing is wrong, mother is supportive, best friend is the popular girl, and so on. What makes this film is the music and the animation. The music is definately geared towards the parents in the crowd - you can't help lip synching to the lyrics. The animation is truly spectacular, particularly when the penguins are sliding through the ice cave. It was almost like watching it in 3-D, but without the glasses. The kids really enjoyed the movie - even the 9 year old nephew who thought he was too cool for a penguin movie.
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A wonderful family movie

By maleia
Written December 12, 2006
My two year old sat through the entire movie. She has been asking to see Happy Feet everyday since.
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