Written April 08, 2007
I love penguins and so I obviously wanted to see this movie. The previews showed a lot of Robin Williams lines, so I thought it would be funny. The movie was just alright.
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Cute, but not

Written July 12, 2008
This started out as a cute movie, but changed into a Enviro-Commie propaganda film about halfway through. Great animation, but the plot switch is retarded. Not to mention the fact that the protagonist disses the girl and don't really know if he really gets her or not. Add to the fact that some of the critters/characters might be way too scary for kids. Long story short, I wouldn't pay money to see it (I didn't). If you can get it for free or talk somebody else into paying for the rental, that's the way to go. Don't let impressionable kids watch it though.
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my happy feet review

By lord-o-movies
Written July 28, 2008
couldent stand it but good animation
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By dhudspeth15
Written May 08, 2013
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You will walk out with 'Happy Feet'

By Carlos the Viewer
Written December 19, 2006
Cute musical with plenty of "Happy Feet". If you have kids, this is a movie to bring them along. Very beautiful and nice story about penguins. Worth watching even if you are not 5 years old.
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