My what big teeth you have...

By rsammons71
Written November 25, 2006

My wife and I took our 2 and 7 year old daughters to see happy feet. We expected to see a “happy” movie not learn the lesson of survival of the fittest. This movie is for older children (9 or above) not young children. Even our very brave seven year old was scared of several parts of the movie. I had to step out half way through with the two year old, be warned this movie has some very realistic scenes (example, nature at work). They may look cute and fluffy but watch out for those teeth. Go see this movie if you like nature and all its ups and downs, but this is not a typical family animated film.

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happy feet

By joe1234
Written December 01, 2006
great movie, fun for kids and adults alike
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Same tired story

Written November 25, 2006

Someone who is different (represented by an animal) goes through name-calling and ridicule, and ends up being the individual all the other characters look up to.  Nothing original about the story.  A much less rich Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer story with a more modern flair.  Young kids will still enjoy it.  After all...Kangaroo Jack was a hit.

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Happy Feet leads to Great Movie

By Work4Movies
Written November 26, 2006
I loved the animation, and the soundtrack was great who knew Brittany Murphy had a great voice. The humor reminded me of Shrek because the the tendency toward adult situations. My 14 month old nephew loved the parts he stayed awake for and pointed at the penquins. Happy Feet will have you singing and dancing during and after the movie.
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Happy Feet

By mrsbatthemovies
Written November 28, 2006
o.k., it was cute in many ways, extremely scary in many ways. I think the use of real predators with cutesy little cartoon/puppet penguins may have been a little too shocking. I didn't necessarily need the tree hugger "messages". I'm already sold on how much we are destroying the planet. The messages were old and tired. Also, please... stick to one message or the other. Are you going to go with trash, or drift net fishing? You muddied the waters more than the garbage did. Is that overkill? Oh...oops! Perhaps a little too violent a review. Sorry.
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