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By melinguyen2010
Written June 20, 2013
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By lisab2225
Written May 03, 2016
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MY feet were HAPPY!!

By 304Gadgetman
Written December 12, 2006
Great movie!! My son and I loved it!! Mumbo had true spirit and believed in himself. Loved it.
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Happy Feet

By sunshine1
Written December 02, 2006
This movie was a waste of my time and money. I took my two grandchildren ages 4 & 7 thinking it would be fun for them. the 7 yr. old cried and wanted to leave; the 4 year old had no clue what it was about -actually neither did I. I think they were attempting to give the audience some message but it sure flopped - long before it became a political saga about saving the planet from the "alien" bad people. The first part had far too much sexual inuendo for kids - I'm not a prude but kids didn't understand that stuff and even if they did, it isn't what they came to watch! I don't recommend for anyone any age.
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Neither Happy, nor about feet

Written December 25, 2006
This was a kid’s movie? What the *&^% It was an awful film and I highly recommend that you NOT go see it. After much dancing, singing, and a FEW cute one liners; the end falls apart completely, almost as if the producer remembered, "Oh yes, we must save the world" in the last 5 min. of the film. Very disjointed and just a bad bad movie overall. DG
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