Neither Happy, nor about feet

Written December 25, 2006
This was a kid’s movie? What the *&^% It was an awful film and I highly recommend that you NOT go see it. After much dancing, singing, and a FEW cute one liners; the end falls apart completely, almost as if the producer remembered, "Oh yes, we must save the world" in the last 5 min. of the film. Very disjointed and just a bad bad movie overall. DG
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MY feet were HAPPY!!

By 304Gadgetman
Written December 12, 2006
Great movie!! My son and I loved it!! Mumbo had true spirit and believed in himself. Loved it.
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Happy Feet

By sunshine1
Written December 02, 2006
This movie was a waste of my time and money. I took my two grandchildren ages 4 & 7 thinking it would be fun for them. the 7 yr. old cried and wanted to leave; the 4 year old had no clue what it was about -actually neither did I. I think they were attempting to give the audience some message but it sure flopped - long before it became a political saga about saving the planet from the "alien" bad people. The first part had far too much sexual inuendo for kids - I'm not a prude but kids didn't understand that stuff and even if they did, it isn't what they came to watch! I don't recommend for anyone any age.
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Great family fun!

By jennifersayers3
Written December 29, 2006
The whole family loved this movie especially my 3 year old- this was her first movie in the theatre.
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One thumb down.

By the_duke_lives_on
Written December 09, 2006
Other than some teriffic scenery this movie did not hold my childs attention. After 30 minutes they were asking to leave the movie. Seemed the movie was more of some knid of "world peace" ethnic promotion than a movie to entertain children. The OK to be different theme was a nice touch.
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