How can you not love animated penguins

By WindupSquirrel
Written December 06, 2006
You can't smell them so all is good.
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NOT for Children!

By movie_time
Written December 14, 2006
".....if you want my body baby, from dusk till dawn." Yes, "Kiss" by Prince is the first AND last song you hear in this movie. "I want to make love to you", since when did this become a normal line in a KIDS movie? This movie is marketed to children yet is more of a grownup or teen cartoon. It could have been a good movie without the writers trying so hard to entertain parents with sexual inuendos. Who wants their elementary child repeating some of those lines or songs?? What's the deal with the political and religious statements?? PLEASE, how hard can it be to make a decent family movie??
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By maraem
Written June 30, 2015
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Five Word Review

By misscb
Written February 02, 2010
Cute, Singing And Dancing Penguins
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Cute Movie

By NCalebWard
Written June 13, 2008
Go see it for the sake of your inner child. Great adult appreciation included. A little long, but a good see!
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