MY feet were HAPPY!!

By 304Gadgetman
Written December 12, 2006
Great movie!! My son and I loved it!! Mumbo had true spirit and believed in himself. Loved it.
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Neither Happy, nor about feet

Written December 25, 2006
This was a kid’s movie? What the *&^% It was an awful film and I highly recommend that you NOT go see it. After much dancing, singing, and a FEW cute one liners; the end falls apart completely, almost as if the producer remembered, "Oh yes, we must save the world" in the last 5 min. of the film. Very disjointed and just a bad bad movie overall. DG
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Happy Feet

By sunshine1
Written December 02, 2006
This movie was a waste of my time and money. I took my two grandchildren ages 4 & 7 thinking it would be fun for them. the 7 yr. old cried and wanted to leave; the 4 year old had no clue what it was about -actually neither did I. I think they were attempting to give the audience some message but it sure flopped - long before it became a political saga about saving the planet from the "alien" bad people. The first part had far too much sexual inuendo for kids - I'm not a prude but kids didn't understand that stuff and even if they did, it isn't what they came to watch! I don't recommend for anyone any age.
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By jnbertolino
Written August 22, 2014
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review especially good for parents to read!!!!!!

By starlet
Written November 24, 2006

i think that the advertising threw a lot of people off! and it's no one's fault but the makers of the movie. they made it seem like 3 and 4 year olds would LOVE this movie!! that its great for all ages!! but it also does say (if you look closely) that in the rating there "Rude humor" and there certainly is alot of that. but i must say that my 13 year old saw it with her friends and she loved it! i decided after hearing it was box office hit to go see it so i did. I thought it was HILARIOUS!!! but also realized no.... no one below at least... 10 should watch this movie without a parent deciding first. btw i think its great for the pre-teen age.

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