Not for young children...

By 2QTsMommy
Written December 31, 2006
My 2 year old sits through most movies. This is the first animated film he did not want to watch. My husband and I really didn't like it either. Some parts are really funny and the rest of the time we just wondered how close we were to the end.
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great movie

By manishsrivastava
Written December 11, 2006
was fun.. the animations were great.. the storyline was not bad.. heck i had no kid yet i enjoyed it.. will definately buy the dvd
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great family movie

By aimgrace
Written November 28, 2006
I loved this movie. It was the first animated movie I have seen with a true moral ending. My kids actually learned from this movie the importance of caring for the enviroment, that everything we do has an affect on something somewhere else in the world from plants to animals, to other humans. The movie was cute showing that different is a good thing, and that different people can be accepted and should be. My kids loved it and my kids age 3 to 8 actually danced their way out of the theater. Great movie, a must see for the whole family.
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Happy Feet

By tiggerkat
Written December 01, 2006
I think It was a good movie ,the only thing I think was wrong is that very young kids would not understand what the deeper meaning of the movie was all about.
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A Pleasant Surprise

By animation_freak
Written December 19, 2006
This movie not only gives you the hilarious moments you've come to expect, but it has a few nice moments of reality and surprise that help to add to its character and uniqueness. There are moments that may be a little rough for some children under 5, but nothing I wouldn't take my kids to see again. The animation is ridiculous in a good way! Great flick that I look forward to owning on DVD.
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