Cool graphics but slow and boring

By Love2CGoodMovies
Written December 11, 2006
Yikes! What happened to a kid's movie just for the sake of being a "cute" movie for kids? My oh my! Look out! Some big wigs are pushing their political global warming agenda our way. Was Al Gore's name in the credits? To be fair, the graphics are amazingly beautiful. At times it's hard to tell if it's real footage or animation. The story is extremely flat. You really want to love this movie but the group from the 5th grade says it's a boring snoozer. This is a rental at best.
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entertaining for the whole family

By bigfamily
Written December 01, 2006
We all enjoyed it--our family's ages range from 4-44. There was music which appealed to both ends of our spectrum as well as proof that Robin WIlliams can still be funny. One of the better family films I have seen. It was refreshing not to have a bad guy theme for a kids' movie for a change(although the tiger seal was scarier than I thought necessary). The movie addressed issues of living up to our parents and our community, making a stand and environmental issues--truly worth seeing
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Sing, Play... and save the environment?

By I_love_Tim_burton
Written November 28, 2006

I went to Happy Feet enthusiastic and excited.  I was ready to be subjected to the loveable cuteness of happy little penguins.  Unfortunately, my happy little penguins weren't happy at all.  Apparently, we're killing their ecosystem.  I'm not sure that kids will get it.  And frankly, I'm not sure how it ties into the movie at all.  Perhaps the kid population is a lot more conscious about environmental issues than I suppose they are.  All I know is that my little four year old was laughing at the kid aimed jokes and got antsy when the scenes started to get sad.  As far as moving messages, the movie was sad at times, but nothing earth shattering.  Either way, the message, whether it be "it's great to be different" or "save the tap dancing penguin population," it was a weak one.  Not horrible, but not great, either.

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Bait and switch- NOT so happy feet!

By nicholas
Written November 20, 2006

I can not believe how this movie took a turn for the worst!  I could not wait to bring my kids 8 and 6.  During the movie the woman next to me looked at me and said "I didn't know this movie was going to be so disturbing!"  The animation and characters were GREAT!  I can't take that away.  But a feel good family movie it was NOT!  I saw the trailer after the movie and can not believe how they hook you into thinking it will be a fun loving movie!  This is one movie I will NOT run out to buy the DVD!   I will be sure to tell everyone how surprised I am at Warner Brothers!  We all need to be aware of our enviroment, just not like this.  The sexual content was a little too much as well!  

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Great but Long

By Kiddiefilmlover
Written December 04, 2006
I took a barely 4 year old and a 6 year old to see this movie. The 6 year old hasn't stopped having "happy feet" since. They loved it. The 6 year old said he liked it just as much as the Santa Clause 3 movie. Pros: Great multicultural music and dance. Underlying theme that being different can be a gift. Don't exclude people for being different. Cruel actions are typically based on fear and misunderstanding. Very educational. Highlighted the effect human behavior can have on animal habitats. Cons: Adult courtship themes but they clearly went right over my children's heads. Scary scenes where predators try to eat the penguins. Sad scenes that basically worked out well in the end. Length seemed excessive for a kids movie.
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