MY feet were HAPPY!!

By 304Gadgetman
Written December 12, 2006
Great movie!! My son and I loved it!! Mumbo had true spirit and believed in himself. Loved it.
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By jim5729
Written May 25, 2016
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Political statements in a kids movie?

By treachsmoove
Written December 02, 2006
I understand the message that they were trying to portray...but does my five year old need to be fed this stuff at such a young age. Sometimes it seems that people are so concerned with getting there opinion across that they forget about just enjoying life. This movie is entertaining more or less. Not the best animated movie out there though.
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Mine are happy, too!

By grand_dame
Written December 02, 2006
Wouldn't recommend it for kids under about 6, because they'll have trouble sitting still through it. Much of the humor is aimed at adults. The music will make you want to dance in your seat. Went to Target down the street from the theater and bought it right after seeing it. Landscapes and backgrounds are pieces of art. Even the penguin characters aren't "cartoony" looking. You forget you're watching animated characters. The story is cute and fairly standard "outcast goes on quest and comes back a winner", however the presentation is memorable. Every one of the voice actors is spot on, with Robins Williams provoking the most laughs as the little Adelie penguin "leader". I actually choked up the first time I saw it (yes, seen it two times so far) from the grand scenes showing thousands of penguins dancing and singing fabulous musical arrangements of popular music against gorgeous backdrops. This one leaves Cars in the dust.
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Happy Feet

By amviolett
Written December 02, 2006
While the music ,dancing, and comedy were very enjoying,the moral of the story was too drawn out. I believe in protecting the environment and that we are all linked , however the moral of the story had a preachy tone to it. I'm not sure if children would get it. If they do get it I wonder how many of them would refuse to eat fish after seeing this movie. I thought Nicole Kidman & Robin Williams were brilliant in Happy Feet.
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