Village Voice

Loosely based on writer-director Adam Sherman's similar cult upbringing and disillusionment, the film builds on a fascinating cautionary tale, but doesn't develop its characters past whatever movie-of-the-week crisis each suffers from.
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Boxoffice Magazine

By Amy Nicholson
We get the broad strokes of how the hippies corrupted their own movement, but there isn't a single lead character we'd give a dollar to on Haight Street.
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Sherman's personal wounds feel fresh, which makes for a superficially beautiful but otherwise bitter story.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
The kids' story gets out of control, but Andie MacDowell is a pleasantly earthy mess as Victor's out-of-it mother, and familiar New York faces (Ann Magnuson, Mark Boone Jr., Richard Edson) lend quirky support as the out-of-it elders.
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New York Observer

By Rex Reed
As the film builds to a feverish hysteria, you have to work hard to keep from laughing.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Sheri Linden
An overwrought and undernourished drama.
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Time Out New York

By Stephen Garrett
Sherman based this obtuse psychosexual dystopia on his own hippie upbringing; the result is virtually teeming with bitter resentment for the drug-addled parent collective that inadvertently turned his adolescence into a chapter from "Lord of the Flies."
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Los Angeles Times

An astoundingly bad memory piece that blows its potential dramatic heft at every turn.
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The New York Times

By Stephen Holden
This strident exposé may gladden the hearts of some anti-’60s conservatives, but it is a shapeless mess steeped in prurience. Its grain of truthfulness, however, is just enough to leave you unsettled in the pit of your stomach.
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24 out of 100
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