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Clever and exciting

By Macbones4
Written March 28, 2017
They did a great job with the make-up and other special effects. The script is just the right amount of funny. Every exciting.
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JLo and JJ McLaughlin kill Parker

By mackpeak
Written April 30, 2016
Love Jason, great action and unique fights. They made a good action/character movie and then Jennifer showed up and said, “Hey, can I be in the movie although it’s already done?” Then they made up a role for her, as long as she’d wear skin tight skirts in every scene with long slow shots of her booty-walk away every, single, idiotic, stupid time. Good grief – she’s no love interest since Parker is happily married to a hot young babe, so why is JLo in it? Maybe they wanted to take if from 3 ½ stars to 2 stars hoping JLo would jump the box office take. Must be the paparazzi syndrome where we just want to watch stars in motion and don’t care about the story. I want story, then performance by pros. Jen, keep singing, dating the high school back-up singers, and being mom to the twins and leave the acting to the professionals. Can’t recommended it since the script is full of nonsensical plot twists to force Jennifer into the fold. Sorry D.E Westlake (author), McLaughlin & JLo killed Parker.
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By juliecarmean1
Written May 28, 2016
This movie was very good. Very adventurous, funny, breath holding! I would recommend it to anyone, except not for children.
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Hansel and Gretel 3D

By Garvone
Written April 27, 2017
The best way to see the movie is 3D. It is a totally different movie much more entertaining and fun to watch. It gets you totally involved in the movie when they are 3D. Not for small children, language and brief nude scene.
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Hansel and Gretel: a good show

By tammypac
Written November 28, 2015
Enjoyable show, lightweight in that it doesn't require anything from the audience but to watch.
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