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Seriously Waste of Popcorn

By MonkeyWatcher
Written February 28, 2015
Hansel and Gretel stalls somewhere in the land between comic farce and lack luster story telling. Character development of the two "heroes" is so spotty that your legs will be tired from all of the leaps of faith you have to make. The witches are all about their face makeup... they must have all worked in a plaster of paris plant prior to coming on set for their camera calls. The overall story line had a great deal of potential, but this execution kills more than witches - it kills any audience appeal it might have had. Don’t waste your time or money. Even the theatre's popcorn can't save your evening.
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H and G

By hetzella
Written September 19, 2014
Campy, action packed adventure. It is being criticized for not being "factual". Rriiigghhttt...enjoy it for the fun adventure that it is supposed to be. It is not for little children; some nudity and lots of cursing.
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Saw it in Imax3D.. good CGI

By Bruce_The_Almighty
Written March 27, 2015
Story line was iffy but overall a good movie... I may buy it on BD but I have others that I would buy first cause of budget...
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this is NOT for kids

By bent_armillary
Written January 26, 2015
Brothers Grimm meets Van Helsing An action lovers 'well worth it'. Don't let the Title fool you, this is NOT for kids. A wry mix woven by storytelling and supernatural scenery where often misused themes of good and evil are refreshingly accurate in their simplicity. It is an In your face Good VS Evil non-stop romp through forests medieval and the tangled web of the soul of ancient inner Europe as seen through the Eyes of the authors.
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Hansel and Gretal - Witch Hunters in IMAX 3D

By Jan_Ric
Written January 27, 2013
Found the movie to be very entertaining with lots of action too. Acting was good. Might be a little much for young people 10 and under.
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