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IT was good but not great

By ja0213
Written July 04, 2015
It was a good movie but not the best I have seen. It had a cleaver spin on the fable story of Hansel and Getel. I recommend if you don't really have anything to do this weekend and your bored I would go and see it.
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Loved it.

By Jay323
Written February 06, 2016
Kind of gory flor my taste but it was pretty cool. Those witches are ugly enough to star in a nightmare, but it was a fun movie to go see. I'd recommend it.
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Lots of action

By stephieowens
Written February 11, 2016
If you're seeing this movie purely for entertainment then you are already on the right track. Its definitely a different take on the Grimm's tale but its a good one. I love Jeremy Renner and he doesn't disappoint in this film. But I think Gemma's Gretal overshadows him. She was really good in this movie and fun to watch. One dim spot is that its predictable but you sort of forget that with all the action scenes. At least until you get to the end and then you're like, "Oh yeah....I knew that would happen". But, they leave it open for a sequel that I will definitely watch. I just might wait for it on DVD instead of the theater experience.
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A very fun movie!

By LadyofIB
Written July 28, 2015
I went to this expecting little and I was surprised at how entertained I was. The time flew by and my girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved that Gretel was such a strong female role and the two of them worked very well together.
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It was a little on the lite side....

By Happy Hands
Written November 27, 2015
Although the movie had good fight scenes and special effects, the plot was a little thin and underdeveloped. At some points it was annoying and predictable. In spite of this, I really liked the twist to the classic fairytale. This movie is a cross between Snow White and The Huntsman, Van Helsing and Red Riding Hood.
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