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By MDub723
Written January 28, 2013
Definitely a new twist on the fairy tale, but ... didn't love it. Don't know what I was expecting, but just didn't do it for me. Slightly entertaining but mostly boring. Kinda spoofy. A little corny. Somewhat predictable. A pinch of gory. Glad I had a free ticket.
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Oh, no

By karinleewest
Written February 18, 2013
I tend to like sci-fi, fantasy, action, historical and the like. This film butchers all the genres except horror, perhaps...except everyone knows what's coming next, it's just gore. Not funny enough to be campy, not self-indulgent enough to be clearly showing they get how bad it is. Not funny. No plot line. Almost everyone in the theatre (not many) were grumbling on the way out. My date said it was the worst movie they'd ever seen about midway through...and it didn't improve.
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Its an Action (semi-comedy) movie, not a Acadamy Award nom.

By Alex_Devas17
Written February 09, 2013
Okay, if you like movies such as the Resident Evil franchise and the Expendables (obviously I'm talking to mostly the men) then is is a good action movie. There aren't amazing fight scenes like in the Expendables (the first one, not the second one--though the knife fight with Stratham was okay). but the fights are clever and bloody. Its a good movie to watch if you don;t want to think.
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all you expect, action, average acting and a naked chick

By bobbzmail
Written February 15, 2013
This movie is all it promises to be, an decent fantasy action movie. The dialogue was nothing of substance, but if you're looking at going to this movie that's not really what you'd care about anyhow. It wasn't the Grimm story of Hansel & Gretel that we all know, but I thought it was connected well enough that it could keep the name.
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Purely entertaining from start to end!

By sam.k
Written February 12, 2013
I didn't really think I could enjoy a movie about a fairy tale like this, but I really did enjoy this one. Although, it's not scary at all. Pure action. A good watch if you want some gore and violence!
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