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Terribly Disappointing!

By rockerdeva
Written February 17, 2013
I couldn't wait to see this movie. I absolutely love Jeremy Renner. But just a few minutes into the move it was obvious that it was going to be a bad movie. It was so gruesome in a cheap and cheesy manner. Really Bad plot. Terrible script. And most of the actors and actresses were badly cast. I would have left the movie before it was over but wanted to give the movie the benefit of the doubt and watch all of it before I made a final decision. Well the final decision is I wasted my money and Jeremy Renner's talents were wasted on this film. Don't spend your money on it. You'll feel cheated.
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Loved it.

By Jay323
Written January 29, 2013
Kind of gory flor my taste but it was pretty cool. Those witches are ugly enough to star in a nightmare, but it was a fun movie to go see. I'd recommend it.
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IT was good but not great

By ja0213
Written February 03, 2013
It was a good movie but not the best I have seen. It had a cleaver spin on the fable story of Hansel and Getel. I recommend if you don't really have anything to do this weekend and your bored I would go and see it.
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Cool Movie, But The Book...

By cinema cowboy
Written February 14, 2013
This was a newer version of Hansel and Gretel, I liked it and I think you will too. Check out the books if you like it. lol
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Worth watching

By dreamgirls309
Written January 26, 2013
According to harsh critics, it's a bad movie because it has no emotional movement to the audience and seems lame and out of place. Personally, I really liked it. I agree that it didn't move me in any way, but I definitely had a few laughs. The graphics were really good as well. I also jumped once. It is a good action movie and has those little things that make it enjoyable. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. Not to mention the two main cast members whom I love to see.
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