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Hansel and Gretel....

By Galahad71
Written August 30, 2016
Pure entertainment...why do the critics ALWAYS fail to note this value? Yes...the script could have been a wee bit better, but isn't that always the case? The cast was fantastic, especially Jeremy and Famke. Have noticed his excellence since first seeing his heroic part in 28 Weeks Later...then Avengers, and now this one. Moral: don't pay too much attention to the critics if indeed you watch movies for their entertainment value. The 3D made it even better! Jim
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Great except for the silly anachronisms....

By dandersen12
Written February 25, 2017
Good acting, story, effects, and very good 3D. Only annoying thing was the use of 20th century slang in a 19th century story taking place, for the most part, in the area of Augsburg, Germany. Other anachronisms, such as an apparent use of insulin injections (seriously!) had nothing much to do with the story until the---well, you'll see why they contrived that whole thing without really needing to... You'll see some Van Helsing-influenced gadgetry and, as you would expect, some Brothers Grimm imagery, but it's great. Well worth the money and the 85 minutes watching. Beware that the shortness of the film means that you're going to suffer twenty minutes worth of previews, etc., before the movie starts...
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Fun FUn FUn

By masowards
Written April 24, 2017
This was a fun movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. No Oscars here, but a rocking good time will be had. It's ripe for future adventures and I for one will buy those tickets.
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LOVED IT!!!!!!!

By foley_v
Written June 29, 2016
I loved it. It was a refreshing new twist on an old story. I did not expect the twist that came later in the movie. Full of action and a great escape.
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Great effects but redictable

By rcwalker68
Written December 10, 2016
The special effects were great. The story was a bit too easy to figure out. It seemed to take too long to show that Gretel was in line to become a white witch. I loved the brooms and the effects showing how the witches cast spells on their victims.
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