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Witches and trolls and blood, oh my!

By FrayedEndsOfSanity
Written February 09, 2013
It's a fun movie if you have a slightly morbid sense of humor. Beware though, when Hansel and Gretel kill a witch, the movie doesn't leave it to your imagination. You see all the blood and gore involved. So if you're squeamish when it comes to that kind of thing, you probably don't want to see this movie. However, if you grew up watching horror movies in all their bloody gory glory like I did, you'll likely find some of the kill scenes amusing. (Of course, this isn't a horror movie though.) I thought the make-up on the evil witches was excellent and the troll was pretty cool. I loved the Grand Witch's costume as well. There's lots of action in the movie and it is indeed worth watching it in 3-D.
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Must See in 3D!!!!!

By jamieboone82
Written July 24, 2014
This movie was awesome. Jeremy Renner gave his best performance as usual. I defenitly recommend watching the 3D version but if not its still the best movie thats come out in a long time.
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Solid twist on classic tale

By D-Nutz
Written February 06, 2013
This film is what it is...a fun, action-packed adventure flick with mild frights mixed in. Jeremy Renner (as Hansel) did an admirable job, however, Gemma Arterton (Gretel) was less than believable and downright wooden to be quite honest. The 3D visuals were pretty decent but sparingly on display in my opinion. All in all, solid if not spectacular flick, probably not worth the trip to the movie theater on its own accord but worth the rent when released on Bluray/DVD.
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Fast Paced with Terric 3d!

By ccroyal
Written February 12, 2013
Hansel & Gretel was fast paced action packed thrill. The 3D was the best I have seen in awhile. I jumped more than once from something flying at me. The subtle humor kept a smile on our faces.
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Nothing to write home about, but a good movie

By zendaddy936
Written February 19, 2013
My wife and I went to see this in 3D. The movie was okay, not amazing, but not horrible. I will not own the movie when it comes out on blue-ray. The story was fun and moved along fairly well. The action was fairly believable. There were no scenes where I thought "Wow, the CG was really bad there". Overall, I would say to see the movie, but I would wait until it comes to your local "dollar theater" or comes out on blue-ray/DVD.
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