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Fun!fun! Fun!!

By Krayzeegrl
Written January 26, 2013
Do not listen to the critics reviews!!! I mean really when do they ever enjoy anything that doesn't really and honestly put the rest of us to sleep?! This movie was fun, fast paced, and just the right amount of cheese lol. It's not meant to be serious. I mean that's in the title lol but BOTH myself and my husband thought it was so much fun and a great escape! It's over two hours but DOES NOT seem like it. It went by so quickly. Just go and have fun and don't go looking for anything but what it's supposed to be. An entertaining movie!!
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I believe they truly tried...

By ceecee_loves_movies
Written January 31, 2013
Good (not great) graphics wasted on terrible acting, could be somewhat attributed to very bad lines (writing). Missed opportunity on a good story idea. Not even a good video choice.
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A blast

By cdecoro
Written January 27, 2013
Yes, it's corny. Yes, it's absurdly anachronistic. But it's also a blast of an action movie. Don't go in expecting to see any Oscar-winning performance. But if you like action movies, you will be very entertained.
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By musicology1981
Written January 28, 2013
Not only is the story plot absolutely brilliant in creativity and style, but seeing this movie in 3D was actually the best work I've seen! For the first time EVER, I was actually ducking from objects flying at me! I would not recommend this movie for children because of the darkness, but it is a fantastic one for adults! Laughs and adventure! Must see!!!!
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Hansel and Gretel

By Uncleroy
Written February 04, 2013
Loved all the special effects. In 3-D this movie is amazing. I was surprised at how graphic it got for only PG-13 . I loved it more, wish they did it as an R. Hated the one liner jokes though. When I go see a dramatic movie, action packed, etc, It just ruins the whole movie when they make those one liner jokes. Now I just went from a serious movie to a Hollywood joke attempt at trying to be serious. The popcorn here at the ICON really was bad. It was early, so I expected fresh. It was all crumbs, like at the bottom of your own bucket and extremely salty. I didn't ask for butter or it probably would have been greasy too. I ordered my ticket on line and no one was around me. When I got there, there were a family of kids blocking the aisle at the cash register making all kinds of noise. My luck all 8 sat behind me, making chatter, on cell phones and rude. They were even with their parents who were just as bad. I got up and sat in an empty seat 7 aisles away.
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