so good

By glxy
Written September 01, 2007
so great
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By nfgrockerdude
Written February 13, 2007
The movie is, by the title, the rise of Hannibal Lecter. This movie shows how he came to be a serial killer and where he got his taste for human flesh. I was really looking towards the film because it is directed by Peter Webber who also directed Silence of the Lambs. The movie lacked what it should've had in surplus and that was emotion. There are graphic scenes in which you can't help but feel nothing. Perhaps this was the intention of Webber seeing as how Hannibal feels nothing. The actor, Gaspard Ulliel, had the potential to be a great Hannibal but his performanced felt forced and thus lacked credibility. If you feel you must watch this then by all means go but even if it was on cable and you missed it, the world would go on the same.
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By LecterFan1
Written June 27, 2008
I must say i was terrified to watch this movie, fearing it would destroy the series i love so much. My mistake as i finally watched it and freakin' LOVED it. The actor play Lecter was AMAZING in his expressions and maneurisms and vocal displays as Lecter. I am VERY pleased with the film and STRONGLY suggest it to all Hannibal Lecter fans.
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Hannibal Rising

By Aleux
Written June 22, 2007
I loved this movie , it isn't as well-rounded as silence of the lambs , red dragon , or hannibal , but is well worth seeing . I simply adore Gaspard's facial expressions and emotions while preforming as Hannibal. I find it more interesting than scary , the inability to predict what is going to happen makes you anxious for the things to come.
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I didn't even see it?

By Wolf_of_the_Steps
Written February 13, 2007
The premise of the movie is enough to tell me it's a joke. What makes Hannibal scary if not the mystery behind his person? I don't want to know why he is the way he is! That's the whole point! I liked the original, but I don't even plan on seeing this film (it's an obvious exploitation of the franchise anyway). Join me in spending your money elsewhere.
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