By honeynut234
Written April 08, 2009
I am 11 years old and i cant wait. i already downloaded all of her songs onto my itunes. the climb is the best one. even though some people disagree and dont care, Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus is a great actress and the movie will be totally fantastic. i mean, when i saw the preview i was like " omg, mom i have to see the movie the day it comes out!!!!!" on friday i will be watching it a 4:30 and i am just so perky. I CANT WAIT!!!
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Written January 25, 2009
my birthday is APRIL 10, and this is what i am doing for it. its going to be so AMAZING!! MILEY IS AMAZING!!!!
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don't forget we all make mistakes!

By kathena1
Written April 04, 2009
I've seen some reviews critics who are talking about the issue with her boy friend and vanity fair. Lets not forget that we were al young and wild once and specially if we are considering to watch this movie is because we probably have teenage children. Some times teens are upfront and face tell their parents what happens and sometines they just hide things. Being a Movie Star is tough because all eyes are on you. Just imagine what it would have been like it all your mistakes were made public. Lets face it.. this girl has talent and it is for that she is so famous and is someone for our children to look up to. I'm definetly taking my daughters to see this movie and I know we we all enjoy a girl's night out.
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Loved the movie

By angel77ica
Written March 27, 2009
I took my kids to the special screening last night, and we all loved this movie,, it was funny, emotional, and very entertaining, even thou it was free for us, I wouldn't have mind paying full price to watch it, in fact I guess we will watch it again when it comes out an April 10th. Every child and parent were laughing, clapping and singing trough the movie.
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By mileyfan4life
Written April 09, 2009
Miley is amazing i have been her fan since she started out and I always will be. I cant wait to see this movie! It is going to be a great movie =)
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