Very Entertaining!

By yvemag05
Written February 03, 2008
Took my little hannah obsessed sister. She loved it and so did I. Its exciting and fun. You almost feel like you really are there. Everyone is screaming and dancing. Must go watch if youre a hannah fan!
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Great Great Great!

By t_mamason
Written February 03, 2008
I went to see this on Friday with my 6 year old daughter, my husband, our 21 month old son & my 2 year old nephew and we ALL enjoyed it. The 3d effects weren't too much or disorienting. It really did seem like you were just there on stage with her. The extras in the movie were funny and entertaining. OUr little boys danced along and my daughter kept telling everyone how she went to a miley concert! My husband did actually enjoy the entertainment, but also remarked that he was happy it wasn't any longer than 90minutes. If you can get tickets you need to go see this!!
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SIMPLY LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By jonasluver4ever
Written February 03, 2008
I saw the movie the first night it came out with my friends. We went at a sold ouit showtime and it was packed. If u want good seats, get there early. The 3D was like the 3D stuff u see at disney or universal studios. It was that good. The movie was awesome, kids got out of their seats, went up to the front of the screen, and started cheering, singing along, and jumping up and down and dancing to the music. People brought glow sticks so it was like i was actually there. But, if u r going for the jonas brothers only, u might want to reconcider on going. They were the main reason why i went and they only sand their song with hannah, and two of their own songs. They cut out alot of stuff from the actual concert. But with hannah's and miley's great songs and the people that came to the movie making it feel like it was real by screaming and dancing, it was a BLAST!!! I had so much fun.
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Definitely worth the trip and the cost!

By blisa
Written February 03, 2008
I LOVED the movie and the 3D effect makes it even better! You go up close to both Hannah and Miley's performances, and you actually feel like you were there singing along in the front row. In the beginning you even catch a glimpse into how the whole tour started out. Hannah sings just about all of her famous songs, and Miley does too. The Jonas Brothers sing only 3 songs, but they don't dissapoint. The $15 dollar tickets may seem like a lot but it was completely worth it! The movie gets you so excited about the songs, you just can't help but sing along! The price also includes the 3D glasses that you get to keep at the end. The movie is an hour and fifteen minutes long, but it actually seems like it is a lot longer. This is a must see movie for every Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus fan! This movie does not dissapoint! This is a great opportunity to see her tour, for the many fans that didn't get to go to her concert!
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Hannah/Miley Rocks!

By k.cleasby
Written April 15, 2008
I took my 7 yr old daughter to this movie/concert, since I was unable to afford taking her to the actual concert. I was sure I wouldn't enjoy it, but I was so impressed by the content of the movie that I would go again. I was also impressed by the fact that my little girl not only enjoyed watching her favorite actress, but actually realized how much work Miley does in order to be a success. Kuddos to Miss Cyrus!! You get an A++++ keep up the great work
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