HANGOVER. Instant (HILARIOUS)classic! RATING: 17.975 out of 20 POPCORNS.

Written June 03, 2009
I just attended the advance press preview of this raucous insanely funny 100-min 'stoner'-comedy. Initially, I was a little leery after seeing the trailer - but I was pleasantly surprised that the movie itself was even funnier! Craftily written by the duo who wrote FOUR CHRISTMASES and GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST, HANGOVER is notches above and beyond the two afore-mentioned mediocre comedies. The characters in HANGOVER are better developed, and the production values plus directing and editing are all top-notch. Mike Tyson provided a serious bit of humor in his few scenes. But it was definitely Ken Jeong who almost nearly stole the movie with his *****y lines and delivery. Stay for the end credits photo 'plot' montage. VERDICT: For the open-minded and with zany sense of humor only. Others should take a detour. Adult scenes/humor not appropriate for children or those who are easily offended. Otherwise, GO - enjoy yourself silly!!! (I did!) Actual rating: B-plus
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I laughed so hard, I pee'd myself a little..

By Kyle_Adkins
Written June 16, 2009
It's been a really long time since I laughed as hard as I did for this film. This movie centers around 4 friends, one of which is becoming married, and the other 3 are throwing a secret bachelor party for in Las Vegas. The group manages to get so wasted they cannot recall the events of the night, which leads to a ridiculously funny attempt of remembrance. I would honestly like to indulge further, but I feel I run the risk of ruining the plot and hilarious random bits of the movie. Disclaimer: However, I would like to point out there is a rated "R" branded on this flick for a reason. I have seen a few complaints from some of the fanbase on Fandango complaining about what a grotesque movie this is... Please take a moment to stop coloring in your little book before you see a movie and pay attention to the rating, this way you know what is, and isn't appropriate for you and your children
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A Hangover You'll Enjoy

By reallyreelreviews
Written June 06, 2009
I am usually turned off by movies that bombard you with previews months out, especially comedies because you get that feeling that all the funny parts will be shown over the course of all the previews. That is not the case with The Hangover. In fact, most of the funny parts shown in the previews were "dumbed" down in order to even be allowed to air on television. This movie is absolutely ridiculous, hysterical, and unlilke the backdrop of the film itsself - this movie is unforgettable. The runtime is perfect, it is nice, clean and simple and does not slowdown in order to work in its resolution. For full reviews on The Hangover and other movies tune into really reel reviews on blog talk radio: blogtalkradio.com/reallyreelreviews And check out the really reel reviews blog: reallyreelreviews.blogspot.com
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crude humor delivers cheap laughs .

By Venom400
Written June 04, 2009
This movie has decent things going on for it , like cheap quick laughs , and a semi original plot , however the humor is extremely simple , relaying on dumb things to make the audience laugh , it's almost like a mid 30s American Pie , except not as funny and no Stiffler. Expect full male frontal nudity , excessive use of the F word (although not as bas as observe and report) there was a part a picture on the ending credits that made me wonder how far they can push the rated R status , the movies are slowly but surely moving from semi porn , to visual porn were displays of Visual fellatio is ok . The movie has the audience laughing , but honestly I wasn't , so for some sort of audience it may be enjoyable , but I prefer intelligent comedy , and almost everything was predictable , altough don't take me wrong , I did laugh at some parts and it was overall enjoyable ,just don't expect to laugh your hearth out
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By hockeyratt9
Written July 01, 2009
I was initially not at all excited for this movie. The previews looked ridiculous, immature, and repetitive. I was coerced into going with a group of people of varying ages (from 20-55), and I was honestly shocked by how much I enjoyed it! There is MUCH more of a plot than the previews lead you to assume and I found practically the entire movie to be funny (which is a rarity). I also found that the older you are, the less likely you are to enjoy it. 20 thought it was hilarious, 38 thought it was pretty good, 55 thought it was stupid. Just keep that in mind if you're a bit older :) I really liked it and would probably go see it again (which doesn't happen often).
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