Be careful bringing the kids...

By tvweather
Written June 27, 2008
It's an entertaining summer flick. Action, laughs, and a quick pace....only about 90 minutes. I MUST caution, there are quite a few f bombs, and plenty of vulgarity. Most of it IS funny to adults, but be warned, if you are bringing kids 8 and under, know in advance it's there. There's also quite a bit of gore near the end, which got my 11 year old kind of quesy. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Just be careful with the little ones....
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I saw a special screening on South Beach last night.....

By jessierican
Written June 26, 2008
and this is a must see!! It is funny, full of action, with a little twist! Big Willie did it again!! He owns the 4th of July in the box office! Parents - you might want to watch it first before letting your kids under 13 to see it. There is quite a bit of swearing in it.
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Somebody rescue me - except Hancock!

By saintandrew
Written July 03, 2008
What a wonderful and funny premise for a movie! Superhero who doesn't give a crap, has low self-esteem, and causes more damage than his super powers create relief. And although Will Smith is a talented actor, the script falls apart faster than Hancock can save it. Don't get me wrong, there are some funny parts and then there are some serious parts. That is, unfortunately the problem. The film can't decide if it's a comedy or if it's a drama. The understory tries to answers all the questions the character's presence conjures up, unfortunately it's just a little too neat and tidy. The convenience of the secret character's proximity to Hancock is poorly thought out and it just makes the second half of the film drag - which is really bad for a film that doesn't reach 100 minutes. This is a great rental film, an "I'm bored and have nothing else to do." film (at matinee prices), or an "I'm a huge Will Smith fan and I gotta see it!" film. Just don't expect too much going in and it will be OK.
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By MovieRN
Written May 14, 2008
Went to see this at a private screeing and all I can say is WOW! it had twists and turns which made it very entertaining. Will Smith was again at his best. Haven't seen or heard much from Charlize but what a great return. Her part alone made Hancock very entertaining. Great Job by all the cast! I think Peter Berg was at the Las Vegas screener. Great directing job, Peter! It a must see this summer.
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HANCOCK = unorthodox and perplexing

Written June 27, 2008
Just saw the press screening for this ho-hum movie. Director Peter Berg infuses his movie 'moments'/scenes with mood via audio by incorporating GREAT soundtracks. But that is insufficient in saving HANCOCK from its self-centered self-absorbed expletives-filled self-indulgent 92 minutes of movie mayhem mishap. Peter Berg attempted to show us Hancock's 'humanity', isolation, loneliness, irresponsibility, apathy but he failed to make us empathize with Hancock. This is one unconventional 'superhero' we could care less about. Will Smith, Jason Bateman, and Charlize Theron gave good performances - BUT the script was for the most part headed in one direction until suddenly, like Hancock's abysmal flying ability, veered off-course onto another tangent altogether - crashing with disastrous results leaving the audience perplexed with it hokeyness. RECOMMENDATION: Go (if you must). CAUTION: LOTS of swearing - NOT kids/family-friendly. GRADE: Borderline B-minus, C-plus.
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